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The expert in anything, was once a beginner.

During this internship programme at @kodingworks.io, I've learnt something that I’ve never heard and done before. For instance ? Well, I wasn’t aware about the words KPI, OKR, SSOT, roadmap, etc back then.

- Aike Inget (Copywriter-Intern) 2020

Classroom environments may involve you with discussion, debate, peer interaction, and shared learning experiences, but it’s important to seek opportunities for you to apply and develop the academic concepts you’re learning in a professional setting as well.

Learning, growing, and most importantly, preparing for life and a career, is what college is all about. Here are a few reasons why college internships are so vital to aid in your career readiness, such as an internship at KodingWorks.

In KodingWorks, you will learn not just abour how to handle the project and customer. But also team management and other experience regarding career and professional development.

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