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We are a community of digital experts with a passion for building impactful software solutions

Delivering great digital products and building culture people want to belong. How KodingWorks was born.

Santren Koding, we believe that people with passion of technology can make a better world
KodingWorks was born
PT Koding Kreasi Indonesia, our legal permit from Indonesia Gov. We aim to scale up the business
We start with SaaS focus (Warung.io) and leverage business with another level

Fear of God (Itaqullah), Value the time, Family first, Help other people, Focus on the world-but not to love it, Full of ideas, imagination, creations, and solutions and Always do your best, every time, until the end of life.

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Building collocated agile teams with an entrepreneurial sense of ownership

KodingWorks goals is to become a medium for its family members to become Good Servants of Allah. Since 2018 we have designed and engineered well over 50 web and mobile software projects. Through the years we have gathered a broad spectrum of industry expertise with specialization in the development of custom business management tools, digital dashboards, e-learning or e-commerce solutions.

Our Founder

We have one belief. That technology is one of the best and fastest ways to change the world

Ariaseta Setia Alam
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